Terms and conditions

General terms and conditions for use of High Life card

  1. The card holder must report to reception and the card shown on every visit prior to participating in any activity, otherwise the full charge may apply.
  2. Cards are not transferable and any use other than by the cardholder will result in immediate cancellation of the card with no refund.  A digital photo will be required to be taken by Inverness Leisure and Highland Council.  If an adult refuses for the child under the age of 16 to have their photograph taken then alternative photographic proof must be provided on each visit.
  3. Primary Account Holder is responsible at all times to keep Inverness Leisure and Highland Council up-to-date with their current information ie: Address; Contact Details; Medical Conditions.  Any amendments to the account in any way can only be made by the Primary Account Holder.
  4. The manager or nominated deputy reserves the right to refuse any application for a card.
  5. Group/school hire of halls, rooms, pools and pitches, and classes/activities run by the centre, non centre staff and clubs, are not included in the “All Inclusive” scheme.
  6. Use of single courts for badminton, squash, short tennis, tennis courts are included under “All Inclusive”, but if any non “All Inclusive” cardholders are playing, participants will be liable for half of the price of hire.
  7. Waiting lists are in place for some activities within Inverness Leisure; please ask at reception for further details.
  8. Cardholders do not have preferential treatment over other users of the facility and maximum participant numbers will apply for any activity.  Please check availability and book up to 7 days in advance when possible.
  9. All Inclusive card holders may be limited to advance booking of, and participating in, two different sessions of activity per day. Additional use will be permitted at Manager’s discretion subject to space, and maximising access for all customers.
  10. Inverness Leisure and Highland Council reserve the right to add/remove activities from the programme of activities at any time.
  11. Inverness Leisure and Highland Council reserve the right to charge additional fees for selected activities/classes.
  12. This cardholder agreement will be for a minimum of 12 months and “rolling” thereafter, and can only be terminated by the lead cardholder giving 28 days notice in writing to issuing Centre after the initial 12 month period. Should you cancel within the first 12 months, you will only be able to rejoin the scheme 12 months from the date of cancellation.
  13. Inverness Leisure and Highland Council reserve the right to review prices at any time. The cardholder will be given a minimum of 14 days notice of any proposed increase. They will then have the right to terminate their Direct Debit agreement without penalty within the 14 day period, failing which the user will be deemed to have agreed to the increase and their direct debit amount will be altered accordingly.
  14. Cards can be retained for use after the Direct Debit Scheme has been cancelled, only if the customer is no longer able to use the facility or moves out of the area complete then they must be returned to Inverness Leisure.
  15. If a card is lost or damaged, the cardholder must notify their main facility immediately to de-activate the card, otherwise losses will be liable by the cardholder. This must be followed up in writing within 7 days of loss. Any credits on the card will be lost. There will be a charge for any replacement card.
  16. Cardholder fees are non-refundable.
  17. Changes to card categories are only allowed at the discretion of the manager or nominated deputy.
  18. “All Inclusive” card holders will not be entitled to credit for any part of courses not attended.
  19. The scheme includes an annual 4 week shutdown of facilities. However, if the building is closed for an extended period beyond this for emergency repairs then credit will be given for every additional full week closed.
  20. Budget cardholders will be required to show evidence of their status every 3 months.
  21. The card holder may use their card to borrow from any Library in The Highland Council network, with exception of those mobile libraries which are not yet computerised. If the person is not already a library user then a registration form must be filled out before they can use the card for library business.  Key Fobs will not work with the libraries it must be a card to be able to use this function.
  22. The card / key Fob remains the property of Inverness Leisure and Highland Council.
  23. Inverness Leisure and Highland Council reserve the right to review the terms and conditions and make reasonable changes.

Agreement & consent for participation

  1. The applicant will be responsible for monitoring their own physical condition throughout the time they are taking part in an activity with the facility.
  2. The applicant will obtain at their own expense written confirmation from their General Practitioner that they are able to take part in physical activity (if required).
  3. That the application has to complete a Pre-exercise Questionnaire or Similar and warrants that the information given is true and accurate.
  4. The applicant will notify Inverness Leisure of any changes to their health or physical abilities.
  5. The applicant enters into the fitness programme at his/hers own risk.
  6. The applicant warrants that he/she wishes and accepts all of the terms and conditions contained in it.
  7. The applicant will hereby agree to allow Inverness Leisure to obtain additional information that it may be required from his/her General Practitioner.
  8. The applicant will comply with the rules and regulations relating to the use of each facility visited at all times.