Frequently-asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

With literally hundreds of products and activities for Inverness Leisure customers to keep up with, it can often be difficult to keep fully up to date with all Inverness Leisure’s policies, procedures and guidelines.

To help out, we have pulled together a list of Frequently Asked Questions that we are regularly asked or which we feel may help out our customers before they visit for their activity.

Simply click on the Question to be taken to the appropriate page within in our website.

If you have a question that you can’t find the answer to, please click here to tell us so that we can consider whether it needs to be added to our FAQ page.

  1. BUDGET SCHEME – I have heard about the High Life Budget Scheme, what is it?
  2. CANCELLATION POLICY – Is there anything I need to know if I can’t attend or need to cancel a pre-booked activity or event?
  3. CONCESSIONS – Do you offer any discounts to people who are unemployed or receiving benefits?
  4. FEEDBACK – Can I feedback my views on the service you offer through your website?
  5. TAKING PHOTOS/VIDEOS – Can photos of me and my family be taken when we are at Inverness Leisure?
  6. HIGH LIFE TERMS & CONDITIONS – Is there any small print associated with my High Life card agreement?
  7. TRAINING COURSES – Do you have specific Terms and Conditions for training courses run by Inverness Leisure?
  8. VISITING WITH CHILDREN – If I am coming swimming with children, is there anything I should know before we come?
  9. SWIMMING WITH MY BABY/SMALL CHILD – Is there any advice for taking your baby or young child swimming?
  10. ONLINE BOOKING – Can I book my studio classes online?